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I first explored my repair needs with several American dentists in Santa Fe. I needed a tooth removed, with possible bridge or implant, and repair a poorly done bridge by Washington Dental in Juarez.

Costs averaged around $9,000 - I could see visions of sugarplums and speedboats above their heads in the meetings. Instead, I went to Rio Dental. On the same day, they pulled the tooth, found an implant wouldn't work, created 2 new bridges and one root canal. All in the same day, and I left at noon.

Surprised that I really wasn't in pain at all (at least too much). Came back a month later, everything fit fine. Spent $2,400.

That was 5 years ago. Have docs if anyone is interested.

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Very Good staff very good service they explain the procedure first before they will start the process.


I am looking to go here too, as I need 6 upper implants to support a porcelain bridge. Can someone please contact me frenchbulldogs29@gmail.com as I would be traveling from FL as well. Thank you!

Pinellas Park, Florida, United States #1178097

Hi my husband is thinking of going from Florida he need full set implants . So expensive these dentists are ripoff.

Would love your recommendations. He has to stay overnight in Mexico if he does this procedure.

I am not so keen about him going and not very sure about safety of this city. Thanks RAM.

to ram Houston, Texas, United States #1210303

I dont think you have to stay in mexico. Several dental clinics advertise that they pick you up on the US side, at your hotel,and ferry you across.You can stay over night in Mexico,hotels there are cheap enough.

The clinics are located away from the areas where most violence has taken place. Just go straight to dentist and then back to your hotel..,no stopping to shop or drink etc. Dont make yourself stand out. I stay on US side.

I have found the people in ElPaso to be some of the frienliest in the world. Allegiant airlines now fly to El paso and to Florida.A super cheap airline. Read the fine details on how your particular clinic handles their clients,transportattion provided etc. Make sure you have your passport.

Fill any Rx on US side or talk to your family doc before you leave home for meds to take eith you.There probably wouldnt be any trouble taking meds bought in mexico back across the border.,.but they cannot be opened prior to crossing and you have to have copy of RX with you.

Just isnt worth the chance of getting hasseled.You can read about bringing meds to US from Mexico on the internet. Just play by the rules,dont goof around in mexico,and sleep on the US side....you will be fine.


Yes could you let me know who you used. Was it at Rio clinic?

I'm needing implants and bridges to hook to them.

At latanaisfavorite@gmail.com. thanks


Hi there,

Would you be open to talking to me about your experience with Rio Grande Dental? I am interested in going but am hearing mixed reviews... Thank you!

to ra.burt862016 #1149387

It has been about 7 years since I went. Had 12 teeth capped, top and lower front.

They were incredible. Very little pain.

Caps are still fine....my problem is the distance I am from there, and cost of staying, cost to fly, time off of work. I liked them.

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