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I first explored my repair needs with several American dentists in Santa Fe. I needed a tooth removed, with possible bridge or implant, and repair a poorly done bridge by Washington Dental in Juarez. Costs averaged around $9,000 - I could see visions of sugarplums and speedboats above their heads in the meetings. Instead, I went to Rio Dental. On the same day, they pulled the tooth, found an implant wouldn't work, created 2 new bridges and one... Read more

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I just finished 15 crowns, Rio Grande deserves a good review from me, i came from Detroit MI to do them. At first i wasn't sure what to expect considering talk i have heard about Mexican dentist. Fortunately im more than happy with the work i received and will be back next month to finish the top part. I definitely recommend Rio grande dental. And the staff is GREAT!!!! Add comment

Had 4 crowns installed. They do not fit properly, food traps between teeth causing gum problems. Had to have them replaced by another dentist. Rio now goes by Brio, quality of work has gone downhill. Ownership changed in the past few years and corners being cut to save on costs affecting services. Many other patients there on my visits also very up satisfied with their work. Not the same dentists they used to have in the original location. Will... Read more

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worst possible experience. The denture work was poor, they knew they had me because in order to fix the mess they made I would have to stay there another week, miss work, plus the added expense of hotel and food etc. Would have been far cheaper with better quality and service state side. only one person spoke English and he was oily, like the worst used car salesman. Don't even think about going there. My dental work was done June 26, and... Read more

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I had a huge bridge covering 5 teeth done there 9 years ago. I still get compliments from dentists here in the states about what a nice job they did. My estimate here in the states was for over $10,000. I paid less than half what I would have in the states. Everyone there was friendly and very helpful. I am taking my daughter there for some work next week. All communication with questions and arrangements were answered within 24 hours,... Read more

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Had an implant done here. The crown Came loose in about a year and a half. Tried to get some info on the brand and or part number to facilitate my repair at home. No response for 1 week then an email saying we cannot find the records. Bad sanitary practices at this place as well. Stay away from Rio dental and Juarez in general. Bad news. Add comment

I had an implant done with rio dental. Started this process in 2011. Which was good. When my graft healed I went back , which they said they moved. Come to find out that the husband and wife divorced. Which I was told the original doctor is no longer practicing. Dr. (Jessica Nitardy). Which the implant was perfect and thought I would receive the same care. It was only 6 months and my tooth came apart. So I fly back and had it fixed, Which they... Read more

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I had two implants and three crowns sompleted in April 2008.In June 2013 the entire bridge came loose, leaving all of the front of my mouth exposed. I had paid these people $5,300.00 for their so called expert work. I called them and was told to come back out, again at my own expense, I went back in August of 2013 and had to stay five days during which time they made impressions and had another bridge made, of the two implants they had... Read more

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Is it me or all these complaints from Indianapolis Indiana. I am trying to look at all the places in Mexico so I can afford to get some work done.It is very frustrating when I look and have to read the same complaint over and over. You have one grievance however mad you are some us would like to do some research without reading the same complaint over and over everyone knows your problem that is enough freaking overkill. Everyone takes it on the... Read more

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I am writing this as a follow up to a previous statement I made back in 2011. I have had 5 crowns, several fillings and an implant that was done on a tooth broken in an accident. I had work done in 2011 and years prior. It is 2 and 3 plus years later and the work is still amazing. I am sorry this company is getting bad press. Two of the crowns are even my two front teeth and do you know they are totally undetectable as being crowns. They are... Read more

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